Master Injector Heather Rohrer, PA-C, MPAS has an artistic eye and years of experience getting amazing results with various FDA approved injectables.  She understands muscular structure and knows how to manipulate areas to correct congenital and environmental related conditions that affect the skin, the face, and the body.   She is so proficient at her craft and in-demand to train other doctors and practitioners to learn the skill of injecting.   What sets Heather apart are her results.   Clients come from all over the world to get injections by Heather Rohrer, PA-C.  Some are well-known celebrities, others are everyday people just like you who wish to realize their optimal beauty.  You may see Heather on news programs, in her guest-written articles, and certainly all over social media and the web.  If you’d like to see Heather Rohrer, PA-C for any injectable, or a number of other procedures call 702-333-4896 or use the form below to schedule an appointment.


Heather is highly trained on the latest injectable products including:



Dermal Fillers

Juvederm® Volbella XC
Juvederm® Ultra
Juvederm® Ultra Plus
Juvederm® Voluma

Belotero Balance®

Non-Invasive Fat Reduction


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Vampire Facelift®
Vampire Facial®

PRP Injections for injury

Other Injections

Stem Cell
Vitamin B12