Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)- The IPL Laser uses light energy to target a certain color in one’s skin.    IPL is an effective procedure to remove redness in the skin through photo rejuvenation, and it can reverse visible damage caused by sun exposure, destroy small surface veins, and reduce brown and splotchy skin areas on the face, neck, chest, and hands.   IPL can also be effective at treating acne breakouts and can be used in hair removal procedures.  The IPL uses more than one wavelength of pulsating light and can treat a range of skin conditions at the same time.   The IPL Laser is administered by one of our licensed and experienced aestheticians under the supervision of our medical provider.  During the procedure our aesthetician will first clean the area to be treated, then rub a cool gel into the patient’s skin.  The provider will use a high-powered, hand-held, computer-controlled flashgun to deliver an intense, visible, broad-spectrum pulse of light to the treatment area.   During the procedure the patient will wear dark glasses to protect their eyes.  The patient will feel a snap, similar to that of a rubber band sticking the treatment area.   Depending on which part of your body is being treated and how large the area is, the treatment should take 20 to 30 minutes.   To achieve optimal results, patients will need approximately three to six treatments spaced about one month apart.    For hair removal, patients will need approximately 6 to 12 treatments.


  • Intense Pulse Light Laser (IPL)  is minimally invasive, requiring no downtime.
  • It’s considered safe for most people who are in overall good health.
  • The procedure is not safe for women who are pregnant.
  • Patient’s can expect that their skin will be red and sensitive for a few hours, as if they got sunburned. One’s skin may be slightly swollen, as well.  Most patients report that their skin is sensitive for a couple of days after the procedure as well as minor redness, slight bruising, and irritation.
  • IPL Laser works well on light skin colored patients and is not effective for dark skin tones or light hair individuals (for laser hair removal).
  • Patients should avoid irritating skin products and hot water after the procedure.

Laser Genesis- Laser Genesis is a laser treatment used to create healthier, smoother and younger looking skin. Laser Genesis™ is a revolutionary, non-ablative procedure that gently brings out the best in every complexion. The Cutera Laser wavelength gently heats the upper dermis (second layer of the skin), acting as a catalyst for new collagen formation. The warm light penetrates deeply into the skin where collagen is manufactured, continuously stimulating new production. This process normalizes complexion, tightens pores and smoothes skin texture. Laser Genesis™ also targets the microvasculature (tiny vessels) beneath the surface of the skin, decreasing diffuse redness and ruddy skin tones.

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