Remove Unwanted
Facial Hair

unwanted-facial-hairRegardless of how fully you’ve mastered a beauty and grooming routine, it can still be frustrating to think you’re on top of your game only to catch a glimpse of a scant ‘stache or rogue chin hairs in the mirror. (And though bushy eyebrows are popular right now, they still can benefit from a bit of taming.)

Hair is obviously natural and it’s cool to embrace it, but it’s also understandable if you want to nix and groom. Fortunately, the beauty and aesthetics industries has an array of hair removal options at our disposal. These range anywhere from threading to electrolysis to depilatory creams. We’ve outlined seven of the best and most popular choices, including their average cost, what the process is like, and who the ideal candidate is for each.


What it is and how it works: “Electrolysis uses a fine needle and inserts it into the hair follicle, and then delivers a small amount of energy to destroy the hair follicle permanently,” says Heather Rohrer, owner of Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Human Performance™ in Las Vegas, Nevada. “It was one of the first hair removal techniques to hit the market and is the only FDA-approved method for permanent hair removal.”

Article appears in Spotlyte by Allergan.

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